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When Caiman Web Design asked Bannister Traffic Law to describe their firm in one word, their answer was "bold". We took this attitude and ran with it, creating a website experience that exudes confidence, excellence and, yes, boldness. Home page visitors are treated to a dramatic blue-tinted shot of Miami panning right before their eyes. Scrolling down, users are presented with integral facts about the firm, intriguing imagery and numerous calls to action.

As a Fully Custom project, the boldness of Bannister Traffic Law's website extends to every page, each uniquely designed but stylistically consistent. Vital to the success of the design is the simpleness of the site's navigation, the clear calls to action and the overall ease of use. Our main focus here was making the visitor's journey from the home page to the informational pages and finally to the contact page a smooth one. Despite the site's expressive aesthetic, the user experience is intuitive and friction-free.

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  • Fully Custom
  • Live Motion Hero Image
  • Custom Logo
  • Dynamic Page Interactions