Our Website Creation Process

While deadlines and schedules will vary from client to client, Caiman Web Design has a general project process that we like to follow. It can be broken up into 6 phases.

1. Preliminary

The very first step in the process – even before you’re one of our clients – is for you to fill out our quote form. We’ll follow up with an informal phone call to introduce ourselves and to get a basic overview of your firm and your website needs. We’ll follow this up with a written proposal.

2. Discovery

Once the project is officially underway, we enter the discovery phase. It’s here that we conduct an in depth discussion about your specific design and functionality needs.

3. Design

We begin by presenting you with three different design mockups from which to choose including the home page, all interior pages, the mobile view and a logo (if applicable). Then we work through three rounds of revisions for each element, making all the tweaks and adjustments you need. It’s imperative that we work closely with you through this phase to make sure we nail the design.

4. Site Development

We build the website and publish it to our staging servers once it’s complete. Content and image retrieval occurs here.

5. Site Testing

You review the site and tell us what needs changed. Multiple calls may occur here until the site is perfect. Like the design phase, this is a highly collaborative step.

6. Site Launch

Once you’re 100% happy, the site goes live!

A Collaborative Effort

You can probably tell from these steps that our process isn’t one in which the client sits back and twiddles their thumbs. A website project is a collaborative effort between you and us. We believe that regular feedback and interaction is the key to ending up with a world class website that you’re thrilled with.

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