About me

I love the web. Ever since I began teaching myself HTML and CSS in 2008 I’ve been obsessed with learning new ways to build cool stuff that the entire world can see. And there’s a LOT to learn. In 2011 I became a professional web developer. This is when my passion for building sites and applications skyrocketed, and I haven’t looked back since.

When I’m not staring at VS Code, I love woodworking, reading horror novels, fiddling with my 3D printer and spending time with my wife and three kids.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP

Content management systems
WordPress, Kentico, DotNetNuke, SharePoint

Preprocessors and compilers
PostsCSS, Sass, Babel

Libraries, frameworks and runtimes
React, Bootstrap, jQuery, Express, Node

Database management systems
MySQL, MongoDB

Version control
Git, TFS

Development tools
NPM, Webpack, Grunt

Other web technologies
JSON, RESTful APIs, Auth0, JWT