Chris House, web designer and front-end developerI’m Chris House, a web designer and front-end developer from Kansas City. I’ve been creating websites personally and professionally since 2011, and I’ve quickly developed quite a passion for it. In 2015 I ventured into the freelancing world with my company, Caiman Web Design. That experience has taught me an enormous amount about web development, business and working with clients.

I’m excited about keeping up with new web technologies, and I’m addicted to learning new languages, tools and frameworks. My latest forays have included React.js, Jekyll, and CSS Grid Layout. I learn best by listening to others, so I’d be lost without all the brilliant minds whose blogs, books, conference talks and podcasts I digest regularly.

But as much as I love the technologies I use, my guiding principle in web development is that user experience is paramount. It’s easy to become preoccupied with picking the best CSS preprocessor or perfecting our Grunt configuration. But I think the tools we use and the frameworks we tout should be secondary to the quality and usability of the experiences we’re designing.

When I’m not immersing myself in all things web, you’ll find me just enjoying life with my wife Samantha and my son Vincent. I love traveling to new places, enjoying delicious food and discovering great movies.